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Review: Song of Eternity

July 28, 2015

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Song of Eternity is such a wonderful work and we need more like it. For me, it has the quality of sweet, dramatic melancholy … Equally important, it is so well-crafted, with idiomatic writing for all instruments and a structure that ties everything together.”

– Dr. Paul Cummings, Conductor, Humboldt Symphony (July 28, 2015)

“It is my sincere privilege to tell you what a magnificent work Mark Dal Porto’s Song of Eternity is! Our Philharmonia spent the Fall semester experiencing this dynamic piece of orchestral music, and to a person, from student amateur to Buffalo Philharmonic professional, everyone raved about the emotional power and expressive serenity of this piece! I strongly encourage you to contact Mark about performing his masterpiece. It’s 7:00 of color, intensity, subtlety, and passion.”>

– Paul Ferington, Music Director, Buffalo State Philharmonia Orchestra (retired) (February 1, 2015)

“I’m told there have been many performances across the country already of this wonderful composition, and we would love it if you would all help us spread the news about the piece by programming the work for your orchestra. We performed Mark’s piece with our humble liberal arts college orchestra here at Skidmore and it was a great success both with the orchestra members and with the audience.  Everyone was very much moved by this beautiful work and it falls well within reach of so many of our orchestras.”

– Dr. Anthony Holland, Skidmore College Orchestra Conductor (January 31, 2015)