Peace Nature and Renewal
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Peace, Nature & Renewal

The Music of Mark Dal Porto

THE MUSIC OF MARK DAL PORTO is more than just a creative portrait of composer Mark Dal Porto’s unique compositional mind. It compellingly demonstrates the powerful inspiration that both Nature and poetry can bring to music, from intimate chamber settings to grand, vast choral and orchestral compositions.

Track Listing:

01 Song of Eternity 8:18
02 I Seek Rest for My Lonely Heart 4:02
03 When Your Song Rang Out to Me 5:43
04 Romance 11:53
05 Spring, the Sweet Spring 3:05
06 Exotic Animals Suite – I. Exotic Birds 2:51
07 Exotic Animals Suite – II. Exotic Snakes and Lizards 2:57
08 Exotic Animals Suite – III. Exotic Cats 3:05
09 Mystic Mountain 7:41

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Sparks: Eye of London album cover

Sparks: Eye of London

Navona Records presents SPARKS: EYE OF LONDON, an assembly of original fanfares performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Drawing from the compositional strengths of today’s composers, the orchestra navigates chaos and order, isolation, and ascension towards triumph through passionate orchestral writing reminiscent of the fire that burns within us.

Track Listing:

04 Bucolic Celebration 4:21

Figments album cover


contemporary Solo and Chamber Works

Mark Dal Porto’s Exotic Animals Suite illustrates an array of wildlife, from the lively call of birds, to the slithering of snakes, to the power and agility of big cats.

Track Listing:

01 Exotic Animals Suite: I. Exotic Birds 2:50
02 Exotic Animals Suite: II. Exotic Snakes and Lizards 2:57
03 Exotic Animals Suite: III. Exotic Cats 3:05

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Dances of Eternity

Dances of Eternity

Works for Orchestra

DANCES OF ETERNITY presents a group of orchestral works by composers who explore music’s potential to capture the more overlooked aspects of human experience. Ranging from representations of optimism and energy to the surging power of nostalgia, to lighthearted frolics and the eternality of life, DANCES OF ETERNITY asks the listener to ponder life, death, and everything in between.

Track Listing:

06 Song of Eternity 8:15

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