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1Jun, 2021

Final Stage of New 4-Movement Symphony

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I am in the final stage of completing a 4-movement symphony. Since things are at a stand-still now because of the global pandemic, I am using this time to complete the symphony.  (Shakespeare wrote his play King Lear during a pandemic.) Performance time of the symphony is between 45 and 50 minutes. All movements are essentially completed now with some final tweaking of details being finished up at this time. More news ...


18Jul, 2020

Review: Mystic Mountain

"Heartfelt, ...highly effective. Music for a documentary... powerful, within the technical command of many orchestras.” – Dr. David Katz, Founder and chief judge of The American Prize (July 2020) “Stunning, gloriously simple, and will make any audience gasp. I can see a slide show display behind the orchestra (ala Grand Canyon Suite) showing a climb up a mountain and reaching the summit. Absolutely awesome display of ...

22Apr, 2019

Peace, Nature & Renewal Album Review – Cinemusical

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Peace, Nature, and Renewal: The Music of Mark Dal Porto Originally posted on Cinemusical Mark Dal Porto teaches at Eastern New Mexico University. His work has received wide recognition in a variety of genres, several of which are represented on this new collection of his music. The current release includes ...