I Seek Rest For My Lonely Heart

Mark Dal Porto


The text used for I Seek Rest for my Lonely Heart is from an anthology called The Chinese Flute – a collection of ancient Chinese poetry. Because of using an ancient text, the musical materials I chose to use throughout are ancient modal scales (specifically Dorian and Aeolian) to create a more medieval-type sound and atmosphere. The poem itself is a soliloquy describing one who seeks out the peace, beauty, and calm of nature to renew a distressed inner soul.

The monophonic texture used at the beginning for male voices was meant to sound similar to a medieval chant melody. The texture then expands to two voices (for female voices) and then to 4 parts for all singers as it rises to an emotional climax at the end.

Third Prize winner in the 2018 Opus Ignotum 6th International Composers’ Competition (Czech Republic)
Second Prize winner of the 2013 Ithaca College Choral Composition Contest
Winner of the Boston Metro Opera 2012 International Composers’ Competition

Score Pages: 9

Format: Digital PDF (8.5 x 11 inches)

Category: Choral




A Cappella Choir


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