Exotic Animals Suite

Mark Dal Porto


The work is in 3 movements:

I. Exotic Birds
In singularity or in large flocks, this movement represents a depiction of exotic birds which include (as in the last movement) many extended woodwind techniques (microtones, reed and mouthpiece crowing, multiphonics, and key slaps).

II. Exotic Snakes and Lizards
This is a 5-voice fugue with a slithering, snake-like fugue subject. Some typical fugal techniques (inversion, augmentation, and stretto) can be found in this movement.

III. Exotic Cats
This movement depicts large cats such as lions, tigers, and leopards. The horn’s insistent “roars” continually send all of the previously heard animals scurrying for cover and eventually into a frenzy. In the end, the lion (king of the forest) ends up having the final word over all of the other animals (exotic or otherwise).

Finalist in the 2019-2020 American Prize Competition

Score Pages: 36

Format: Digital PDF (8.5 x 11 inches); Score and parts included

Category: Chamber




Woodwind Quintet

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